Microwave movement sensor ROLF MINI JQ-L

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Colour white
Weight: 0,05kgs

  • casing: plastic
  • colour: white
  • maximum horizontal operation angle for movement sensor is 360°
  • maximum movement detection range is 8m
  • maximum verical operational angle for movement sensor is 140°
  • movement detection: 0.3…3m/s (1…10km/h)
  • possibility of fitting lighting time control from 10s to 30min
  • sensitivity adjustment range of 2…2000lx
  • setting ambient illumination level at which the equipment operates

Kanlux Parameters

tick 220-240V supply
tick Rated frequency 50/60Hz
tick II protection class
tick conformity with European standards
tick applicable indoors
tick protection against solid objects over 12mm
tick permitted mounting on flamable regular surface
tick weight 50g
tick spring block 1x2,5 mm2
tick wattage max 1200VA
tick wattage min 0VA
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Warranty 2 years.

Method of implementation: replacement of the product with a new one, free of defects, completion date exchange lasts up to 7 working days.

Realization place: Logistics Center warehouse in ProLogis Park in Chorzów 41-506 Street. Niedźwiedziniec 10.

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Microwave movement sensor ROLF MINI JQ-L
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Microwave movement sensor ROLF MINI JQ-L 62362 8822

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