Hermetic Luminaries Prima +60°

PXF Plexiform
PXF Plexiform Prima +60°
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Hermetic luminaire of IP 65 protection degree adapted to work in ambient temperature up to +60 °C. Profiled aluminum reflector is available on request.

Materials: body made of impact proof polycarbonate; grooven inside, UV stabilized, polycarbonate (PC) diffuser; powder painted steel sheet reflector in white colour; stainless steel clips

Installation: suspended, ceiling mounted

TV39410 1x18W 662 95 111
TV39420 1x36W 1272 95 111
TV39430 1x58W 1572 95 111
TV39440 2x18W 662 145 111
TV39450 2x36W 1272 145 111
TV39460 2x58W 1572 145 111

L - Length
W - Width
H - Height / Depth

PXF - Mechanical data

Type of installation Universal mounting
Housing material Policarbonate

PXF - Optical data

Reflector White
Diffuser color None
Louver/shutter Transparent plastic
Diffuser material Transparent plastic

PXF - Electrical data

Light source T8
Type of equipment VVG
Voltage rating 230 V
Lamp holder G13
Ingiter included Yes

PXF - Infromations

Color Grey

PXF - Light data

Light distribution DI

PXF - Certificates

Degree of protection (IP) IP66
Class of protection I
Energy class A
CE Yes
Light source protection Yes
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 Prima +60° 1x18W
Prima +60° 1x18W
Gitlighting code: 64726 Producer code: TV39410 Light source power: 1x18W Weight: 1.30 kg
127,86 zł
 Prima +60° 2x18W
Prima +60° 2x18W
Gitlighting code: 64729 Producer code: TV39440 Light source power: 2x18W Weight: 2.00 kg
136,96 zł
 Prima +60° 1x36W
Prima +60° 1x36W
Gitlighting code: 64727 Producer code: TV39420 Light source power: 1x36W Weight: 2.20 kg
150,61 zł
 Prima +60° 1x58W
Prima +60° 1x58W
Gitlighting code: 64728 Producer code: TV39430 Light source power: 1x58W Weight: 2.90 kg
201,57 zł
 Prima +60° 2x36W
Prima +60° 2x36W
Gitlighting code: 64730 Producer code: TV39450 Light source power: 2x36W Weight: 3.50 kg
216,13 zł
 Prima +60° 2x58W
Prima +60° 2x58W
Gitlighting code: 64731 Producer code: TV39460 Light source power: 2x58W Weight: 4.70 kg
301,67 zł


The warranty period on luminaire is 1 year, 2 years or 3 years depending on the product group (details in attachements)

The realization: repair or replacement of the product with a new one, free from defects

Consideration of complaints applications within 14 days.

Used marks:
SLA - louvers made of polished aluminum 
SLB - louvers made of aluminum powder painted in white
PAR - parabolic louver of anodized, polished aluminum
PAR-S - parabolic louver of anodized, matte aluminum
OPAL - opal lampshade
PRM - prismatic lampshade
MPRM -  microprism lampshade 
CLEAR -colorless lampshade
PC - policarbonate 
AC - acrylic 
SH - toughened glass
DI - luminaire with direct light distribution
IN - luminaire with indirect light distribution
DI-IN - luminaire with mixed light distribution 

NT - surface mounted 
600x600 - modular ceiling 600x600 with visible supported structure
GK - plasterboard suspended ceiling 

EVG - electronic ballast
VVG - magnetic ballast

NM - non maintained
M - maintained

Top 10 - bestsellers

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Hermetic Luminaries Prima +60°
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Hermetic Luminaries Prima +60°

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