Hermetic luminarie Pacific Performer

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Philips WT360C 2xTL5-49W/840 HFP C TC
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Lamp family code TL5 [TL5]
Lamp power 49 W [49 W]
Light source color 840 [840 neutral white]
Gear HFP [HF Performer]
Emergency lighting No
Glow-wire test 850/5 [Temperature 850 °C, duration 5 s]
Connection No

If you want to reduce your energy costs and join a growing number of companies doing their part for sustainability, then the Pacific Performer WT360C is for you. Featuring a fresh new design, this waterproof luminaire combines highly energy-efficient T5 lamp technology with a new reflector system offering excellent beam control. What’s more, installation is quick and easy, thanks to the flexible ceiling brackets and smart end-caps. And because the light engine itself can be replaced, it will be possible to upgrade to LEDs in the future without having to change the entire luminaire.


New reflector system providing excellent beam control
Flexible ceiling brackets and smart end-cap for easy installation
Light engine that can be upgraded to LED


Parking garages
Under-canopy lighting
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 WT360C 2xTL5-49W/840 HFP C TC
WT360C 2xTL5-49W/840 HFP C TC
Gitlighting code: 71369 Producer code: 8718291031284 Lamp family code: TL5 [TL5] Lamp power: 49 W [49 W] Light source color: 840 [840 neutral white] Gear: HFP [HF Performer] Emergency lighting: No Glow-wire test: 850/5 [Temperature 850 °C, duration 5 s] Connection: No
435,54 zł



Okres gwarancji: na oprawy oświetleniowe 1 rok, 3 lata lub 5 lat w zależności od grupy produktów (szczegóły w załącznikach obok)

Sposób realizacji: naprawa lub wymiana produktu na nowy, wolny od wad

The warranty period on luminaire 1 year, 3 years or 5 years depending on the product group (details in attachements)

The realization: repair or replacement of the product with a new one, free from defects

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Hermetic luminarie Pacific Performer 71369 8718291031284

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